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Thank you for all you have been and will be for the pet owners in Georgia! You have taken care of one of mine and in my own work, I have had ample opportunity to get to know you and your staff. You are all wonderfully compassionate people and understand, as few do, what it means to lose a four legged member of the family!
  â€”Debbie Adams


Doyle L. Shugart

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We understand the importance of a meaningful way to pay tribute to a beloved friend and member of your family. Our On-Line Pet Memorial Park allows you to create a permanent memorial dedicated to the memory of your treasured pet.

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Victoria Victoria
In November, 2011, my cat Victoria was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. A consummate eater, she never skipped a beat, turning her nose up at the most expensive kidney support formula foods, and...
Romeo Romeo
romeo was not only my pet, but my best friend, he knew everything aboutme, and took so many secrets with him, i will truly miss him and never forget him. i love you baby be strong for me:)...
Rossi on the Rocks Rossi on the Rocks
Rossi was such a wonderful pet. Right now what I miss most about him is how he slept up against me and kept me warm at night and would almost push me off a king size bed! Such sweet memories!!...
Zinfandel Zinfandel
There is an old superstition that says to never let a black cat cross your path. Well, 13 years ago I did and they were the best 13 years of my life. When I rescued him from the Atlanta Humane Socie...
Prissy Prissy
There are way to many fond memories of our beloved little girl.It has take me this long to even be able to sit down to do this for her. The pain in having to have her put to rest. Just a painful today...
Wendell and petunia (two bulldogs, died separately) Wendell and petunia (two bulldogs, died separately)
Wendell and petunia both died at different times. Though you cared for both, I did not see this website when petunia died in 2003. Wendell, my second bulldog died one week ago. My wife and loved pet...
Cooter Scott Cooter Scott
Cootie was a pure-bread Maine Coon. My husband got him for me after our 13 year old Rag-doll Mix passed away. He was 7 months old when he came to live with us. He was so very smart, he was funny, lov...
Taffy Taffy
Taffy was a rescue dog that joined our family when she was 2 years old. The moment she walked through our door she took over the house and our hearts. We got her to keep our cat, her "sister" company....
Jackie Kay Jackie Kay
Our little sweet Jackie Kay was a miniature Jack Russell who had the heart, soul, attitude, and energy of a St. Bernard. We rescued Jackie at a flea mart in Kentucky when she was about 4 weeks old. Sh...
Tiny Tiny
From the time our "Tiny" was a little tyke, she was the most special Chi ever. You could not take her anywhere that she was not totally mobbed by people. Everyone who saw her could not help but get a...
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