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Thank you ever so much for you and most of all, for going above and beyond the call of duty for Pepper and myself. You are such a blessing.
  —Rhea & Pepper, Decatur, GA


Doyle L. Shugart

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Pet Memorial
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We understand the importance of a meaningful way to pay tribute to a beloved friend and member of your family. Our On-Line Pet Memorial Park allows you to create a permanent memorial dedicated to the memory of your treasured pet.

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Bennet Bennet
Bennet took a piece of my heart when she left, that can never be replaced. She was so loyal and loving. I miss you Benny....
Lucky Dawg Lucky Dawg
In loving memory of Lucky Dawg Hite Her name was Lucky, however it was I that was lucky! Lucky had a rough start in life. She arrived in my friend’s yard with a broken leg, a bb in her head and no own...
Scooby Scooby
Scooby would seek me out whenever I left his side. I would hear him moan first then I would look around or outside of the door to the room I was in and find him just waiting patiently for me. Now I wa...
Seamus Seamus
He was on the top of the stair and yelped at me as only a 6 week old puppy can do. I said : "Take him back". He said: " Keep him tonight and then decide ..it's too late to take him back this late - th...
Diva Diva
No matter what type of mood I was in, you always ran to the door to greet me and always had to have a part of your body touchin mine....
Sasha Sasha
Sasha was the truest companion one could ask for. She was my shadow, my lovely friend, my adorable lady. She had a love for life even after all she had been through...I rescued her when she was 8 year...
Polo Polo
Polo was my baby...I love him so much he brought so much joy to my life. Polo was hit by a car today and now he is in heaven. I love you Polo and i miss you so much. He slept with me, loved to run ...
Yoda Yoda
Yoda was the most wonderful, sweet little soul you could ask to meet. He was a rescue from a puppy mill and he stole my heart as soon as I took him into foster. He was very attached to both me and h...
Sadie Sadie
Sadie was a very special cat. Everyone loved her. She was always nice and happy to see everyone, and became your best friend immediately after meeting you. She licked like a dog talked constantly, and...
Peepers Peepers
Farewell, dear Peepers! And roam the meadows of heaven in sheer delight as you wait for us, our little feline family member. You came to us from a farm in the English countryside and bravely made the ...
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