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Thank you for your kindness, compassion and professionalism in the handling of Cain Miller's cremation. You made a difficult time much easier. He was a loved family member.
  â€”Julie - Hiram, GA


Doyle L. Shugart

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We understand the importance of a meaningful way to pay tribute to a beloved friend and member of your family. Our On-Line Pet Memorial Park allows you to create a permanent memorial dedicated to the memory of your treasured pet.

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Shadow Shadow
We live in the country and have a problem with people putting their animals out and letting them go. Well, that is how Shadow came to live with us. He was released with 7 other dogs that were picked u...
Molly Kate Molly Kate
Molly Kate was the love of our lives. Always with us - she loved to travel. Loved to see the animals in the National Parks. She watched TV like the true child she was. She gave us so much love. She ha...
Milo Milo
Milo was a special cat. He left us too soon. I miss him everyday when I go home from work. He would always be waiting at the door when I came home. He would always brighten my day even if my day wa...
Ezio Ezio
He was known as "the sweetest snake in Georgia" everyone he knew loved him, he was so sweet he was allowed into grocery stores and skate parks.He was a beautiful little snake and loved to give kisses....
Clarissa Clover Clarissa Clover
I have had my baby since I was little. She was the funniest, sweetest little kitty in the world. She left us too soon, too suddenly....
Sugar Sugar
"Cats are Angels with whiskers" Our Shug was a beautiful Long-haired Black and White Tuxedo. My husband was so attached to her that he called her his mistress! She was big on cuddling. She had a pro...
Homey McWhorter Homey McWhorter
Homey was his own little man. He refused to like someone based on a treat or a kind word. He would make that choice on his own. He loved Mama, Daddy, Sister and his turtle Nacho. He loved hearing a ha...
Buddy Buddy
I was only graced with the love of Buddy for a year and a half. He was such a wonderful cat. He knew just what I needed and when I needed it. His was so quick on his feet. His love and my memories wil...
Xena Xena
Our beloved chocolate lab Xena could have saved Lucy Lawless if the time ever arose. She was sooo sweet and smart. Every room in our house feels empty now because she was always there with us. She...
Clancey Clancey
We adopted Clancey when he was 2 years old. From the day we brought him home he was a lap cat...climbed up my chest, started purring, put his head under my chin and fell asleep. He slept against my ...
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