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Just wanted to thank you all for the graciousness shown to me the day my sweet kitty, Winston passed away. The gentle kindness that you took care of us. It made the whole awful situation so much easier for me. Winnie was a precious baby to me for 11 years and he will be missed so much. Kindly,
  â€”Lynn, Dallas, Ga


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Meeper
Age:  16, 10/94 - 06/10

About Meeper

Species:  Cat
Breed:  Domestic Shorthaired
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
Favorite Treat:
Best Trick:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Pastime:
Special Skills:

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Tokens of Love:

To our Meeper:

  Our little friend, Meepers, made his entrance into our home tucked inside a brightly wrapped Christmas box in December, 1994, a gift for my children, Alex and Dustin. Dustin immediately named the kitten Meeper because of the little 'meep' sound he made instead of a meow. Meepers also earned an affectionate, yet accurate, nickname of Mr. Peebody (not Peabody) due to his fondness for peeing in closets and laundry. That Christmas was many years ago. Although the kids have grown up, graduated high school and college, and are on their own, they still love their kitty. Little Meepers has been a part of their lives for most of their lives, and has remained our loyal friend. Meeps always gave the mice and squirrels a run for their money, basking in the morning sun, sleeping on the porch, and most recently, taking long, lazy naps by his food bowl. Time just ran out for Meepers. He lived a very long and healthy life, but it was just time to say goodbye. His little body just wore out. So, today, in his little carrier, he went for his last car ride to the vet. We will all miss little Meeps and will always cherish the memories we have of our little friend.
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