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Thank you for the kindness and compassion you provided as we said our good-bye to our sweet Mama beagle. We found Oak Rest Gardens to be such a peaceful, respectful place, and each member of your staff seemed to truly understand our grief. This was actually our 5th experience with Deceased Pet Care. Our sweet baby beagle passed away last year, and in previous years we've had to say good-bye. Each heart-breaking time, your services were truly comforting and completely professional.
  —The Burke Family


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Gollum
Age:  13, 11-15-2003 - 04-24-2017
Nickname(s):  Mr. G, My Precious

About Gollum

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Great Dane
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
   stuffed teddy bear
Favorite Treat:
   Bacon chews
Best Trick:
Favorite Game:
   hide and seek around my truck
Favorite Pastime:
   running in woods
Special Skills:
   loved everyone

Love Notes for Gollum:

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Hi, Gollum: You left your paw prints on humanity from the time you took a snake bite for your master to growing a community of fur-kid lovers. We never met, but I know you were special and you were loved. Say hi to my Buddy (he left us 5/2016) and enjoy your freedom over the rainbow bridge!
Ria Ledbetter
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Tokens of Love:


To our Gollum:

  On January 15, 2004 I went to Petco in Atlanta still very saddened by the loss of my beloved Rupert, a 16 year old wire haired dachshund. Rupert had died the day before and I had him with me throughout those 16 years from the time my mother gave him to me when he was 7 weeks old. He was a “therapy dog” that I took with me to work at the Assisted Living Facilities I worked in for many years. The residents all loved him and treated him like family. Many would keep him through the day in their rooms, and on their beds and care for him while I was at work. On the day of the morning he passed, the maintenance man build a small coffin for him. And the residents gave him a funeral. Then on the next day, my life would be forever changed as I was mourning the loss of my companion and friend Rupert. I decided to attempt to fill the void left behind by Rupert. I went to Petco and as I walked in I could hear one puppy screaming above the rest. I walked to his crate and saw on it that he was a Great Dane/Dalmatian mix/8 weeks old/male/orphan/bottle fed. I reached down to pick him up and he immediately stopped crying and latched his big paws around my neck. I walked around in the store for about 20 minutes with him having a death-grip on me, and several staff and customers sting “I know who he is going home with”. There was no doubt. I had always wanted a Great Dane, and this was my opportunity. So needless to say after signing on the dotted line, he belonged too me, and I belonged to him. For several months he was my daily companion at work, and trying to fit in as a therapy dog, but he started getting too big, so I decided to no longer take him to work with me. Throughout the years Gollum was forever by my side, right up until the very last breath he took this morning. He was a semi-celebrity when in 2010 he was bitten by a copperhead snake, the story gained national attention after Channel 11 news reporter Julie Wolfe came and interview me and of course Gollum. The report was aired throughout the US on affiliates for NBC. I was told by Julie that the story she did “Snake hitched ride in firewood”, was the #1 news story in all of the NBC market, and remained that way for a long time. Many publications shared the “Copperhead in the kitchen” story that I had written. To this day people will tell me how they appreciated the story and like myself no longer bring firewood into the house and sit it next to the fireplace. And of course they always ask me how Gollum is doing. Through the struggle with weight gain due to hypothyroidism, he developed arthritis in his lumbar spine. This became much more obvious after being diagnosed recently with kidney problems. I was instructed to no longer give him his arthritic medications until we get his kidney labs back in good order. Last week after having his labs done, he was showing signs that his kidneys were doing better, so I was to continue giving him his subcutaneous fluids twice a day, along with kidney healthy foods. He once again began eating, and seemed to be on the road to recovery. On Thursday April 20th, he decided to meander into the woods, although not running, but was a vast improvement from recent past. He always loved exploring the woods near home, and chasing along with being chased by deer. He also came face to face several times with a bear, yet always stood his ground until the bear walked away. That was the last time he would enjoy the woods he loved so much. On Friday he was showing signs that his arthritis was causing him a lot of pain. He would no longer walk around outside, and I would have to carry him on the driveway hill, along with with anytime to go to the upstairs in the house. On Saturday morning he looked me directly in my eyes and told me “it is time”! By Saturday night it was obvious he had given up, and wanted to be free from his pain. I stayed with him all night as he was panting all night long, and carried him outside a couple times to go potty. I laid with my sweet Gollum on the floor for a little while this morning, and then at about 1030, he took his last breath. My chest has a huge void in it now, but I know he is finally free from the pain he had been living with. Gollum was an orphan. He was born at a Humane Society in Decatur, GA on November 15, 2003. His father a Mantle Great Dane was already "put down". His mother a Dalmatian had given birth to 6 puppies. Avondale Pet Rescue heard that she had given birth and wanted to rescue at least one of her pups. The pup was Gollum. The morning after he was born Avondale Pet Rescue went and adopted him. His mother and 5 siblings had already been "put down". He was bottle fed until 6 weeks old, which is why I guess it was always very easy to give him medicine, or look in his mouth. I was laying on the floor with Gollum Sunday morning, when he took his last breath. He had a rough night the night before, I stayed up with him all night in the living room, he was panting all night. I knew it was getting close to time. I held him close to my chest, was kissing him on his head, while he was wagging his tail and then took his last breath. Then he was physically gone. The void is huge, the pain is enormous. I love you "My Precious", you will always be in my heart.
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