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Paul,Thank you so much for your kind assistance with my babies. In loving Memory: Max Meadows 10-25-99 to 10-24-11 and Jamie Meadows 7-16-97 to 1-12-12 Sincerely, Tinker Meadows
  â€”Tinker Meadows


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Boris Bennett-Bowden
Age:  13, 08/15/2004 - 06/22/2018
Nickname(s):  Boris the walrus

About Boris Bennett-Bowden

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Labrador Retriever
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
   Tennis Ball
Favorite Treat:
   Milk Bones
Best Trick:
   Sit - Find the explosives
Favorite Game:
   tug a war
Favorite Pastime:
Special Skills:
   Explosives Detection Working(Military) Dog

Love Notes for Boris Bennett-Bowden:

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Rest well
So sorry for the loss of Boris. Thank you both for your service. With Love, Shugart Family
With Love, The Shugart Family
Thank you for sharing what a amazing companion he was. It will be our Honor to take care of "BORIS".
Forever Loved
Boris you were an amazing dog. I said that I would never have a big dog in my house. But after only talking to Dawn a few times I knew you were special and that the bond and love between you two could not be broken. So you came home. We picked you up in Florida and you stood up behind my seat with your head on my shoulder most of the 8 hour drive. You stole a piece of all of our hearts. Rest sweet boy you have earned it.
Love Kathy
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Tokens of Love:

Tennis Ball
Tennis Ball
Tennis Ball

To our Boris Bennett-Bowden:

  I met SSG Boris in the hellish land of Kabul, Afghanistan in 2012-2013. He was an Explosives Detection Dog (Bomb Sniffer). They had recently found out he had Arthritis in his hips. Since, I was Military Police, I got the joy of handling him until his retirement. Boris was set to be adopted by the 1 Star General in charge of our base. DUe to his age at the time and his condition, the General had changed his mind. IF a working dog is not adopted after retirement in a war zone, they are put to sleep. I had grown quite a bond with Boris. SO, I adopted him. We raised money to fly him home on commercial airline ($3000). We raised $1400, and my husband and I paid the remainder. He was off to a relaxing life for the first time ever. He worked in Afghanistan protecting our troops for 8 solid years. Over the years, he has been a primary part of my family. IF Boris did not like you, then you weren't in my life. HE was truly an amazing dog. He had never been around other animals and never been around kids. When we had our 2 children, Boris would sleep by their cribs as if protecting them. If he thought you were going to harm the babies in any manner, he would jump to the defense. As the kids grew a bit, he would let them lay on him and climb on him and in a rare occasion, he would even lick their faces as to say "I love you". These last couple weeks have been rough for him, but he deserved to rest. His watch is over. Another K9 will carry on your mission, boy. Gone but never forgotten. No one will ever have my 6 like you, buddy. Till we meet again. ----SGT(Shoemake) Bowden, Amber retired Army
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