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Thank you for your recent care and compassion in the cremation of a beloved shelter pet "Chocolate". He now has a beautiful plaque and small butterfly garden to remember him by, and his ashes were scattered in the North Georgia Mountains. We respect your business's mission to give out pets a loving end of life experience. Matching the love and care they received during their life. Thank you for all your help.
  â€”Kelley Uber


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Cane
Age:  10 1/2, August 2000 - 6-15-11

About Cane

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Labrador Retriever
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
   fuzzy dog toy from petco
Favorite Treat:
   pigs ears
Best Trick:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Pastime:
   stealing food from wherever you left it
Special Skills:

Love Notes for Cane:

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Missing you!
We miss you terribly. Alayna misses her buddy and Makenna misses her friend. I miss seeing those big brown eyes. Now you can be without pain. You and Emmitt have fun!
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Tokens of Love:


To our Cane:

  Cane was our very mischievous friend. He was always stealing food off of counters and plates. I remember once when he took about 5 pounds of salmon off of the island in the kitchen. No one still knows how he reached it but he did. When he was 6 months old he had cancer. Our vet wanted to put him to sleep then but i didn't do it. I gave him colostrum pills every day until the tumor disappeared. He sure was our miracle. We found out he had bone cancer a few days ago because he all of a sudden stopped walking and eating. We had to have him put down. I miss hearing him snore and still think I'm going to find him on the screeed in porch where he loved to be. Looking forward to the day I see him and Emmitt at Rainbow Bridge.
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