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Paul,Thank you so much for your kind assistance with my babies. In loving Memory: Max Meadows 10-25-99 to 10-24-11 and Jamie Meadows 7-16-97 to 1-12-12 Sincerely, Tinker Meadows
  â€”Tinker Meadows


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Roxy Girl
Age:  10 -11, 2001 - 8/7/2011
Nickname(s):  Girly Girl

About Roxy Girl

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Mixed
Gender:  Female
Favorite Toy:
   Unstuffed animals
Favorite Treat:
   Scoobie snack
Best Trick:
   Getting things off the counter that mommy thought I couldn't reach!
Favorite Game:
   Getting the scooby out of the kong
Favorite Pastime:
   Taking a walk
Special Skills:
   Opening the dishwasher and getting dirty dishes out

Love Notes for Roxy Girl:

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Tokens of Love:

To our Roxy Girl:

  Found on the street, Roxy girl, by way of a friend, found her way to us. She had been on the street for quite a while and had every worm in the book but was still such a sweet dog. A bit of a challenge, a dog trainer told us that she was the smartest dog he had ever come across. We call her the $10,000 dog because she did a lot of damage in her time, BUT she was the sweetest, smartest, most personable dog that I have ever known. We had a bond that was so strong! I always said that she was half human. I went away one summer to grad school for 6 weeks and she got so upset that her hair just fell out in huge chunks, it grew back rapidly when I came home. It's hard to explain our relationship - there is just such and emptiness without her. We went away for the weekend, before we left on Thursday evening she seemed like she didn't feel good but by later that night and the next morning she was fine. Her and my other 2 dogs went to "grandmas" house and Roxy was fine until Sunday. My mom said she wasn't feeling well and by the time we got back from a 12 hour drive around 10:30pm Roxy was on the couch and wouldn't get up. We had to carry her in a blanket. Turns out she had a huge (grapefruit size) tumor on her spleen that was a very aggressive cancer. It had burst and she had been bleeding internally. She never let on that she was sick so it was such a shock to have to put her down. At least she really didn't suffer at all and I held her chin as they put her down. Hardest thing I've ever had to do. I will always have her with me (In July of 2010 I put her paw in paint and scanned the print and had a tattoo put on my right shoulder of her paw). I know I will always have dogs, but never one like Roxy. We miss you and love you and know you are with some of your old dogs pals Smash, Lucy, and Lopez.
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