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Dear Bliss, Thank you so much for being so kind and gentle with my Saphne; and thank you for placing her so gentle with her pink blanket for the last time. Sincerely grateful
  â€”Wanda Archer


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Nicholls
Age:  7, 02/11/2004 - 10/12/2011

About Nicholls

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Sheepdog
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
Favorite Treat:
   popcorn or any human food he could get his paws on
Best Trick:
   catching a frisbee or tennis ball
Favorite Game:
Favorite Pastime:
   running with Kristen
Special Skills:
   watching over the house and protecting Kristen

Love Notes for Nicholls:

Add a Love Note
Nicholls you were a pleasure to live with and take care of and clearly Kristen loved you unconditionally and you her. I'm sure you've found an angel in heaven to throw you a ball or frisbee and I'm sure you'll outlast them just like you wore out my arm in the backyard. We miss you and will see again on the other side!
Peace, Bobby
thinking of you, Nicholls
I only met Nicholls once, but I could tell he was a kind, intelligent dog with a very kind spirit. What was more notable was Kristen's bond with him. I'm not even a 'dog person' and I found him to be a magnificent animal. I'm so sorry for your loss, Kristen. Please know I am thinking of you:)
Love, Lauren
What a treat it always was to be chosen to feed anicholls and take him out when Kristen was away. After losing my own dog, Nicholls became my own. I loved walking into Kristen's house and having someone excited to see me. I treasure every minute I had with this sweet, sweet angel. I get that my visits were more about the treats I left, but nonetheless, I felt the love! Seriously, Nicholls couldn't have had anyone love him more than Kristen. I am praying for the peace and love Kristen needs.
Kristen, it takes a very special kind of person to love an animal unconditionally the way you loved Nicholls. You gave him such a good and happy life. We are thinking of you each day that goes by.
Lots of love, Laura & Cameron
Missing you
Nicholls, I'm missing you terribly and you will always be in my heart. I'll forever be in debt to you for your love and companionship. See you on the Rainbow Bridge, buddy.
Love, Kristen
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Tokens of Love:

Tennis Ball
Tennis Ball
Tennis Ball
Tennis Ball
Tennis Ball

To our Nicholls:

  Nicholls was the most loyal, loving, understanding dog in the world. He had so much personality and was so very clever. Nicholls was always on his best behavior. He was a true gentleman. He brought me so much joy and was there for me during so many difficult times. He always knew when I was in pain or going through a tough time and would come right to my side and lick my tears. He kept such a close watch over the house and me. Anytime there was anything or anyone within a foot of our house, he would bark to let me know. He had such a good judge of character and had a keen sense for danger. I will always remember and love Nicholls and will miss him everyday until we meet again.
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