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Thank you for your kindness, compassion and professionalism in the handling of Cain Miller's cremation. You made a difficult time much easier. He was a loved family member.
  â€”Julie - Hiram, GA


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Baby
Age:  Unknown - 11/25/11
Nickname(s):  Baby Girl

About Baby

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Mixed
Gender:  Female
Favorite Toy:
   Laser Light
Favorite Treat:
   Publix Dog Biscuits
Best Trick:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Pastime:
Special Skills:

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Tokens of Love:

To our Baby:

  I laid on the floor with her and stroked her ears and neck and massaged her toes and kissed all over head, snout and nose as they administered the drugs that took her from me this evening. It was incredibly peaceful. Except for her blubbering daddy. I think she knew what was coming and I think she was grateful for it, albeit scared. I have never seen her shed so much, she was so nervous. And never has she covered my face and neck with kisses as she did tonight. I chose to believe she was saying goodbye and that she loved me. I rescued her from the streets of Seattle in January, 2000. This abhorrent person I got mixed up with that turned out to be bi-polar, an alcoholic and drug addict called me and asked that I take her. I know in my heart of hearts that he stole her from someone and for nearly 12 years, my heart has ached over that. I long to find out the truth and let them know because I know if it were me, I'd want someone to do the same. Baby wasn't even her real name but she adopted it. When she first arrived via Delta to the Atlanta airport, I had to get her from Air Cargo. I'd only been there once before when I shipped my beloved cat, Athena, out west to a new home. My first sight of her was through the slats in the crate that I had to purchase COD as part of the shipping costs. All I initially saw were her jowls and they looked scary through those slats. My first thought was, "Oh My God! What have I gotten?" I opened that crate and she bounded out, jumped off the loading dock and jumped into my open car door ready for her ride to her new home. She just knew. When I got her home, I took her in the back yard that was the domain of my other dog, Tyler. There, Tyler got to meet her with me and they took to one another right away. Once inside, I fed her. And she emptied the bowl. That abhorrent person told me that he'd give her a can of food whenever he could as he was living on the streets in Seattle. So she was hungry. After she emptied the bowl, I refilled it. And she emptied it again, this time filling herself up with a bowl of water as well. I then refilled the bowls and she just kind of looked at me as if to say, "I just can't eat anymore!". I told her there would always be food and she needn't worry. For nearly 12 years now, I've kept my word. Baby was a happy dog albeit the loner dog. Wherever the rest of the family was, you'd find Baby on the other side of the house keeping to herself. But at bedtime, you'd find her next to me. She nor Tyler have ever learned how to lay on the bed as we humans do, choosing instead to lay horizontally, or vertically or whichever way is perpendicular to we humans. Nonetheless, she would always be my touchstone throughout the night. She never strayed far from me. At one point, it was just me and the dogs. For two years, I'd have to leave early in the morning to go to work and I'd come home late. I'd fill their bowls with food and water and find both untouched when I got home. I was worried about that until I realized they wouldn't eat or drink until they knew it was safe; until they knew I was there to let them out. I know that period was hard on both of them. And God love them both, I only found two messes in those two years. Two messes I just cleaned up without a word but with sullen looks from Baby Girl. I'd love on her and let her know it was OK. Baby Girl LOVED to sun herself. I never quite undersood how during the months of July and August in Georgia that this black dog would lay outside, not in the shade but in the sun and just pant and smile. She loved laying outside in the sun. She'd do it for hours and keep vigil over the yard. She had a favorite tree at the old house where she would take those branches so much bigger than she was and drag them to chew on. It was also her spot she would lay to sun herself. I think we'll take some of her ashes down there to scatter. The old house also had this population of squirrels. Baby loved to chase them and she was good at it. One time, she actually caught one. I had to literally use a shovel to gently conk her on the head to let lose of it. The poor thing died though. Both Tyler and Baby would lay at the back sliding glass door of the house and keep vigil for the evil regime of squirrels that also inhabited the yard. One time, she was chasing this squirrel across the yard and it ran up a tree. For a moment, Baby forgot she was a dog and got two steps up the tree before realizing she couldn't climb trees. She fell backwards, got up, shook herself and then sat there, watching that squirrel until it scampered away to another yard. I would've sworn she'd broken a bone or something but she was just fine. Just watching this dog attempt to go up a tree was hysterical. I also remember once, while doing something at the kitchen sink that overlooked the back yard...I saw this black streak run down the side of the yard and then saw Baby take off after it. I yelled, "Oh No!" Turned out it was the next door neighbor's black cat that stole into our yard. Baby didn't like that. I flew out the back door and Baby had that poor cat in her mouth. I didn't need a shovel this time. She let him go. But that poor cat, I will never forget, was panting so hard. He let me hold him and calm him down whilst others were yelling at me to not touch him. He would still come by after that but he'd only come to the carport where I'd put out cat food for him and sometimes would comb him. I think he liked me or tolerated me (you know how cats are) because I saved his life from my protector. I'd pet him, comb him and he'd purr and purr and purr. I guess, in a way, my being unemployed since May, 2009 was a blessing for Baby Girl. I was here with her 24/7 and she'd always be near me and watching me. I would love on her and when she stopped eating the dry food, I'd make special arrangements to feed her can food. It took some coordination because Tyler would get jealous that she was getting something special and not him. He never quite understood that that wasn't the case. I'm worried now about how he's going to react when he realizes that she's not coming back. Of course, part of me worries about the same thing for myself.
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