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Your compassion and attentiveness to detail was graciously felt and appreciated. We will never forget what you did for us.
  â€”Carol S.


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Jake
Age:  10

About Jake

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Affenpinscher
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
   100 of them
Favorite Treat:
   all and any cookies
Best Trick:
   jumping high
Favorite Game:
   ball and frizbee
Favorite Pastime:
   cachin bugs and playing ball
Special Skills:
   his total love

Love Notes for Jake:

Add a Love Note
Jan 2018
we miss you both always xoxoxoxoxoxo
Mom Dad Ceez and Muk
Still miss you both daily
love and miss you always to you both
Mom and Dad
Miss you and some day will need your paw
i cant say right now but things are going wrong for Ceaser. Might need you to look out for him. Talk about it another time . We are soooooooo sad for us.. we miss you all and love you tonnnnnnns
Mom Dad Ceez and Muk
Christmas Wishes to you both
Hey Jake Hey Miss LuLu hoping you had a great christmas up there. You both are in our hearts today and everyday. Sure wish you were here with us. I know you would love Muky, ceaser warmed up to him nicely but i still see his pain of you both gone in his eyes. Muk keeps us busy and loling and he sure is company for Ceaser. Missing you tonnns and hope your looking down at us and smiling as we look up at you. Merry Christmas and love you both so much.
Mom Dad Ceaser and Muky
Just thinking of you both
Hey and hugs and kisses to you both. Think of you everyday as usual but today had to drop by and leave a note. We are fostering a girl dog and she is sweet. I cant keep her but we are going to find her a new home,a loving home. Czer is crazy about her love in his eyes lol. Keep sweet both of you. Love mom dad czer and muk xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo
love you Love mom dad czer and muk
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Tokens of Love:

Tennis Ball

To our Jake:

  Jake the day you left us a piece of us went with you. You were such a bright and shining light in our lives and it will never be quite as bright again. God I blame myself for that second surgury and we should have never did it but we tried to keep you longer with us but God had other plans in place for you. I miss your happy go lucky attitude and that crooked scooby doo shift in your eye brows. The protectiveness of your being here and the way you hated any bug that entered your home and your dilligence to seek and destroy it. All the cookies you stood in line for so patiently and you never ever pooped in your home. Our bed where you slept with us will always be here for you in case your spirit returns for a visit. As you know Miss Lulu went 33 days before you and I am sure your guarding her like a wolf and now she is protected by her soul mate,you. Ceaser misses you horribly and still is lonely for you. We love him x3 now to make sure he knows he is never alone and is loved to the core. We got a new puppy to help him with the loneliness of his 2 buddies leaving so soon and he is a baby pug like Ceaser. He is sweet and will grow up sweeter, his name is Mukluk. You will always be number one with us always! We love and desperatly miss you every moment of the day and just remember that. One day bud we will see you again and wow what a day it will be.Hugs licks and waggin tails galore. Love to you Jake and love to Lulu too. We miss you all...You both were and are the bestest we could ever imagine....thank you for a wonderful life and all your love... Sleep restfully big guy and lil lulu Love you... Mom and Dad
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