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Thank you for your kindness in helping my husband with the loss of our "puppy" Baskerville. I am, sure many people don't recognize our loss as legitimate, with all the problems we all face. Our dog brought so much joy to our family-as a member of the family would. Our hope is to get to the point that we can again have another dog-perhaps one who has never had a loving home! Thank you again,
  —Linda, Buford, Ga


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Oliver's Alexander the Great
Age:  16 1/2, 1/25/1996 - 9/1/2012
Nickname(s):  Alex, Alexander

About Oliver's Alexander the Great

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Maltese
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
   The first 5 that are with hime now, I bought them a the hospital gift shop.
Favorite Treat:
   Sliced cheese
Best Trick:
   Protecing our-his home. That's not a trick, but he saved my life twice.
Favorite Game:
Favorite Pastime:
   Sitting in my lap, riding in the care, going to the beauty shop, feeling the wind in his face riding
Special Skills:
   A 100 pound guard dog in a 12 pound body.

Love Notes for Oliver's Alexander the Great:

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I will miss you my loyal best dog friend. You were here for me so many times when my heart just ached, and my dear Alexander, your Mom has shed lots of tears this past weekend...until Rainbows Bridge. I will miss you this Christmas and your licking my face after you got your Christmas presents.
Much love Alex, us
Thankful for Second Chances
We are so ever grateful to Deceased Pet Care and Dr. Jones along with her staff for helping our family though this process...and for second chances.We will miss you forever...until the rainbow's bridge one day.
Much Love, Your family
Miss You
I miss you dearly. Princess miss you. She is lost.We all feel lost. You were a bigger part of our life than we realized.
Love you forever your family
a great dog
I first met my friend about seven years ago. He was told to always watch me. He would growl low and stare me down. Then one day he was told to watch me ...he rolled over and wanted his belly scratched. He was Our dog the best dog in the whole world. I told him it was my turn to watch them now.. I will miss him alot.
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Tokens of Love:


To our Oliver's Alexander the Great:

  I had been thinking for a long time about getting a Maltese, years. One day and friend and I were at an area jockey lot, they had a section of Register Dogs for sale. There *he* was, the last of his litter, the runt, the dog no one wanted because he had an under bite-therefore he wasn't worthy, couldn't be a show dog, even though his parental lineage was excellent. I so wanted him, his eyes met mine. My friend talks with me a bit, and next you know Alexander came home with my two sons & me. We have a plaque in the home that states "One spoiled rotten Maltese lives here", and for every spoiling, he also served. In addition to the breeds keen hearing abilities (if ANYONE ever pulled into the driveway he would start a very low quite growl until he knew it was OK). Alex saved my life twice. I was in my home and twice the squirrel cage caught on fire in the heating and air conditioning unit. Both times I was sleep; both times Alex got up on the bed pawed & licked me until I woke up, once to thick black smoke. We got a complete new system after that. No one would ever think that a 10 pound dog (at the time) would ever be that keen, but he was; smart as a whip, very intelligent. There will never ever be another Alexander, ever. God brought him into my life and he saved my life so many times. He was there for every tear I cried when I had to my sons go to live with their father for a bit-as young boys when they hit their teen years- get out of hand. I cried every single day for almost a year while they were there, as I knew it was not the best thing for my sons, BUT, they had to learn it...the hard way as some do. Alex cuddled, licked my tears, made me smile, and lifted my aching heart. We were inseparable. He has his own doggy bomers jacket, with a Harley Davidson brim hat, both sheep skin lined, and he didn't mind wearing his stuff either. He so loved his groomers of 16 years, but even they knew when they groomed him last that it would be the last one, that was almost two months ago now. As an RN for 30 years, I have helped deliver dead babies, bathed them, lovely placed them in there crying parents arms, given many, many people permission to die when their time came, held the ones alone with no families in my arms when they died (I was an ICU Nurse for 20 of the 30 years); BUT nothing hurts like this, an odd feeling to me. I am SO VERY VERY grateful to the staff of Gentle Touch Home Vet Care; bless them for Alex's transition. I just wanted to say to them “let him lay in my arms for a while and rest” after the first shot, but he was out of pain, the signs I begged God for, I knew that we were doing the right thing even though as I must of said at least 100 times” I love you Alex”, with a few "I'm so sorry" thrown in. I wanted him back! I was selfish, but it was the best for him. I rest knowing that my sweet dog, a breed known as a "Dog of a thousand kisses" will be waging his tail for me one day and he along with my other loved ones will be waiting. My loving nephew, whom died unexpectly this past October is rubbing Alex's belly for his Auntie M, petting Alex’s head, & throwing the ball for him and his playmate friends Ziggy, Rocky, and his early playmate Francis, whom he went and grew up with for years, My nephew is making double sure Alex has all the cheese he wants and hamburgers, so he doesn't have to snatch it out of the bottom self in the refrig ever again. I love you Alexander the Great (Oliver was his father’s name), and Great you so were. I will miss you forever. NOTE on the Attched picture Alex is on the left, his daughter is in the right (Princess).
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