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We cannot thank you enough. Your service was so prompt and caring. We will tell all our friends about you. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!
  —The Family of “Capone”


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: George
Age:  2 1/2, 03/21/2010 - 01/09/2013
Nickname(s):  Georgie

About George

Species:  Dog
Breed:  English Bulldog
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
   Ropes and Bones
Favorite Treat:
   Anything from Dad
Best Trick:
   To Sit - Took 6 weeks to teach him just to sit!
Favorite Game:
   Tug of War
Favorite Pastime:
   Watching out the front door
Special Skills:

Love Notes for George:

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Tokens of Love:


To our George:

  George was rescued in 4/2012 and only shared a short 8 months with us. In that time we dedicated a lot to rehabilitate him from 2 years of being neglected and ignored. He came to us with a lot of medical problems, some chronic and others just from lack of care. We spent many hours and days to get Georgie healthy. We were finally almost there. We had to train George as he did not even know how to sit. It took 6 weeks of training to get him to submit to sitting. We never worked on "down" as we were just relieved that he would sit on command. George was very protective of his new family and it was always a battle to bring people into the house. However, we finally figured out that it was all about wanting attention and petting him. Nichole taught us this as he never had an issue with his sissy that he met for the first time at Thanksgiving. She showered him with attention and treats! He quickly grew to love her. The one thing we never did break him of was chasing vehicles. This was so unpredictable and is what finally took his life after such a short time with us. George taught us how devoting so much time and energy into an animal can get so much love and reward back. We loved you so dearly and you gave us so much love back. You will forever be stamped on our hearts and our loss runs deep. We will see you again some day Georgie, for now give Grandpa kisses from us!
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