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I want to take this time to thank everyone there for helping me through three difficult times in my life. Your services and your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. Everyday I look at my mantle and I am so glad my babies are with me.
  —Bruna Boudreaux


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: LuLu
Age:  11, March 23, 2013

About LuLu

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Basset Hound
Gender:  Female
Favorite Toy:
Favorite Treat:
   Milk Bones
Best Trick:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Pastime:
   Sitting on the Floor Cuddled with Kids
Special Skills:

Love Notes for LuLu:

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Tokens of Love:


To our LuLu:

  LuLu (Luella) Phlegar September 2, 2006 to March 23, 2013 On September 2, 2006, the five of us set out to adopt a Bassett Hound at PetSmart from the Bassett Hound Rescue Society. We were after one named Molly that we saw on the Internet. We found Molly, but she was not very interested in us, but this other Bassett, Luella, kept coming up to us, nudging her way in, and wanting the kids to pet her. Andy said I think she wants to go home with us and so we adopted her and she started working her way in to become part of the family. First and foremost, the kids changed her name to LuLu. For a very, very long time LuLu never barked and then one day, after a year or so, she started barking, but only when the doorbell rang. For a long, long time she ran to the kitchen cowering in the corner when we had company over, but finally the cowering stopped and then she just liked to come in the kitchen to lie on the rugs when the house was full. She took to each of us in her own way. When Andy or the boys sat on the floor to watch TV or play videogames she would always lie next to them to be petted and if they didn’t pet her she nudged under their arms until they did. She adored Andy. If Andy came home early, she knew he would let her outside immediately, unlike Raelyn who was trying to keep her on a schedule. She would follow Jordyn and her friends upstairs to Jordyn’s room and lie on the floor while the girls played all around her, occasionally dressing her up. If she was ever unsure of anyone, she hid behind Raelyn’s feet until she felt okay to come out. Little Things Everyone Remembers: • It always made us smile to see her running across the steps to come inside with her ears flapping behind her. • She stood in place with ballerina feet. • When outside she loved to sit in the sun. Sometimes it seemed she only wanted out to lie in the sun. • She loved being outside, but never roamed far. If we let her out the front door, we could find her at the backdoor and vice versa. Even when we thought we lost her, she was always right there close by. • All the neighbors loved her and said she was the sweetest dog they had ever met and always asked about her. • She always made her meals into a small appetizer first, playtime with the food (the only toy she would ever play with), and then she ate. Generally she waited until we sat down at the table for dinner before she would eat her meal. • She was a part of at least one picture we took yearly of the kids on Christmas Eve. • Her ears were like petting velvet. Somehow she became a part of this family and we didn’t even realize it. So much in our day-to-day activities revolved around her and we didn’t realize it until she was gone. Habits that are going to be hard to break and almost wish they would not be. I wrote this just to remember all the things everybody said over the past weekend. Your loss came as a shock to us and we were not ready to let you go. Now it really does feel like one of us is missing. We aren’t a family of 5; we are a family of 6 and we always will be. Maybe, one day, we will be 7, but you will never, ever be replaced. You are missed and deeply loved. One day our tears will stop, but we will always carry you in our hearts. We truly do hope you are out of pain and resting in peace now. Our loss is definitely Heaven’s gain, so jump up on that park bench; don’t hide behind it!
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