Facilities & Directions

The Finest Pet Funeral Home in the Nation

More than 46 years ago, the Shugart Family had a vision of providing a pet funeral home where Pet Parents could receive the same grace and dignity of human funeral home services for their pet family members……today that vision is being realized.  

Our spacious funeral home and crematory is the finest Pet Funeral Home in the nation offering unparalleled personalized services featuring: 

  • Funeral services in beautiful serene chapels, 
  • Individual counseling and grieving rooms for complete privacy,
  • Same Day Services including Viewing Room for families,
  • Showroom featuring a vast array of memorial and remembrance products.

Whether you choose burial or cremation....whether your budget is large or small...whether you invite friends to join you or you choose to journey just with family....Every family goes through the same steps of grief when they lose a beloved pet.  We understand that grief and recognize the need for personalized services to accommodate your individual needs.....you can find that here with our family of Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes.