Private Cremation Services

Private Cremation Services For Your Pet

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Private Cremation Services For Your Pet

As pet parents ourselves, we understand that your pet is a member of the family.    Our Pet Bereavement Specialists are dedicated people who love and care for pets and know what it is like to have to say goodbye....we are here to guide you through.

Private Cremation Service provides you the opportunity to keep your pet's cremated remains with you as a permanent memorial.  Through our patented personalized pet tracking system, your pet's unique PetSecure Tag accompanies them throughout the transportation and cremation process guaranteeing that you receive your pet's cremains. We are the only pet cremation provider with our patented PetSecure tracking.

As Georgia's only Accredited and State Certified Pet Crematory Operator, we have gone through rigorous testing and certification to ensure that your pet's private cremation is held to the highest standard and care.  We are proud to be recognized by professional Veterinarians as the leader in superior pet cremation services. As a pet parent, you can rest assured knowing that Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes & Crematories is certified and dedicated to meet your needs. 

Our Private Cremation Services Offer:

  • Transportation* of your pet from your Veterinarian Hospital or from your home to our Pet Funeral Home (*Transportation charges are  separate)  Pet parents are always welcome to bring their pet to one of our Pet Funeral Homes;
  • PetSecure Tracking - personalized pet tag and tracking system under Accreditation and State Certification Standards;
  • Complimentary Container including preparation and secure placement of your pet's cremains;
  • Personalized Certificate of Cremation;
  • Opportunity to Memorialize your pet through our website posting your pet’s picture and sharing your pet's story with family and friends;
  • Grief Information for you and your family, including a free bi-monthly Pet Loss Support Group for adults; 
  • A reading of the Prayers For Animals by Dr. Albert Schweitzer prior to the start of the cremation.

Exotic Pets $94 - $129
Pets 0 - 15 lbs $189
Pets 16 - 30 lbs $199
Pets 31 - 65 lbs $209
Pets 66 - 100 lbs $249
Pets 101 - 150 lbs $279
Pets 151-200 lbs $319

*Please Note: Above prices do not include any transportation charges

Same Day Viewing Cremation Services and Next Day Private Pet Cremation Services

Sometimes being close to your pet as you say goodbye is an important part of the grieving process.  Our Viewing and Visitation Same Day Services allows for families to gather together to share a meaningful goodbye.  These SAME DAY Private Cremation Services including Viewing or NEXT DAY Private Pet Cremation Services are available to you.  

Learn More about Same Day Services

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Other Benefits We Offer:

  • Full-time Certified Pet Funeral Directors on staff;
  • In-house Chapels for Viewings and Funeral Services;
  • Memorial Products - A large selection of urns and other memorial products, including paw prints, jewelry, river stones, markers, as well as sympathy and grief loss books;
  • Virtual Pet Loss Support Group - Led by a Licensed Grief Therapist
  • Pre-Arrangement Programs for advance preparation
  • Reading of the Prayers For Animals by Dr. Albert Schweitzer prior to the start of cremation.
  • Human Cremation Burial is available in our pet cemeteries for pet parents wishing to be with their pet for eternity.