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Dignified Horse Removal

Dignified Horse Removal

Established in 1990, Equine Cremation Service was created with you, the horse enthusiast in mind.  After years of providing the best in compassionate aftercare services for small animals, the Shugart Family made the decision to provide this same professional aftercare for the horse community. Our equine cremation facility is the only one of its kind in the southeastern United States. As a whole horse cremation facility providing private equine cremation services, our horse owners are comforted in knowing their beloved friend will be handled with dignity, care, and compassion.

Our equine services include a standard service, as well as a deluxe service.  Deluxe services include a cremains burial lot in our Horseshoe Gardens, a granite marker with the horse's name and dates of birth and death, and can include other custom design options if you wish.

From start to finish, our trained and experience staff counselors are here to accommodate your specific needs. We offer compassionate dignified removal services utilizing our customized equine vehicle. And while most owners prefer that we come to their farm for removal, some choose to bring their beloved friend to us. A phone call is all that is required. Our dedicated staff will be here to meet you by appointment.

Horse Urns

Horse Urns

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does equine mean?
Any mammal that is a member of the horse family.

How do horses get cremated?
The horse is transported by a customized trailer designed specifically for the gentle removal of the equine to the cremation facility. Upon arrival at the care facility, the horse will be transported utilizing customized equipment to gently carry and glide the horse into the equine cremation chamber.

What does Private Equine Cremation mean?

  • Under Private Horse Cremation, the horse is cremated alone in the chamber providing a private cremation. No other animals are in the cremation chamber. The cremated animal remains are then placed in an urn and returned to the owner.