Pre-Planning Checklist

For many, it feels like there’s an overwhelming amount of things to think about! But in all honesty, taking control of the important things in life just feels good; you know it's the right thing to do for you, and your family.

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Funeral Pre-planning Checklist for Your Pets

Many pet owners don't consider pet pre-planning until they are faced with an emergency. This is a mistake that you should avoid at all costs. Planning ahead will help ensure that your pet's final wishes and desires are fulfilled, and their legacy lives on. Let's talk about the pet funeral pre-planning checklist so you can take care of your pet now for when their time comes.


Things to consider when pre-planning for your pets:

  • Will you want a paw print or nose print impression keepsake?
  • Will you want to have a Life Celebration Memorial Service?
  • Favorite toys or blankets to be cremated or placed into a casket with your pet.
  • If private cremation is chosen, will you want to keep, scatter, or bury your pet's cremains?
  • Would you want a customized engraved Urn, Memorial stone, or other remembrance keepsakes, such as customized jewelry?
  • Personalized inscription on the Urn, and/or Memorial stone?
  • Would you want a Personalized Memorial Chest to keep all your pet's memory items in for safekeeping?
  • For Life Celebration Events, a few things to think about include, guests you would like to attend the service, music, DVD, pictures, poems, personalized life celebration program, etc.
  • Do you want to take advantage of the Pre-Planning Payment option to alleviate undue emotional stress at the time of your pet's passing? 


Pet Funeral Pre-planning Checklist


Step 1: Plan Ahead

You can pre-plan a funeral for your beloved pets just like humans do. Planning for the future as your pet's age will give you peace of mind when the time comes. Plus if you pre-pay for the service, the price is locked in so you don't have to worry when prices go up in the future.


Step 2: Burial or Cremation

Burial or cremation are the two main options pet owners have. You can choose to bury your pet in pet gardens, have them cremated and keep their ashes, or scatter their ashes at a special location.

You can consult with a funeral home that handles pet funeral services  to get more information on the options that are available to you.


Step 3: Choose a Funeral Home

When it comes time to plan your pet's funeral, you'll need to choose a funeral home. The pet funeral home will help with all of the arrangements and paperwork for the service. Be sure to ask any questions you have about the cremation and burial many funeral homes offer pet urns and cemeteries.


Step 4: Gather Important Documents

In addition to choosing a funeral home, you'll need to gather important documents for the pet's service. This includes your pet's vaccination records, medical history, and any other information that might be helpful. The funeral home will likely need this information before they can proceed with the cremation  and pet burial.


Step 5: Choose a Pet Urn for Ashes or Gravestone Marker

There are many different pet urns and pet headstones to choose from at the funeral home. You can either bury your pet's ashes in a pet cemetery or keep them with you as part of your memorial service.


Step 6: Choose your Guest List

Encourage your friends and family to join you in the pet funeral service, they will offer you the support you need. This is also a time to come together and remember your pet.


Step: 7 Finalize the Date, Time, and Location of The Pet Cremation Service

Once you have chosen all of these details, it's important to finalize them and send out invitations to your guests. This will help ensure that everyone has enough notice to attend the pet cremation service.


Step 8: Plan a Memorial Service

You may want your pet's burial to be private or scatter its ashes on your own but it would be nice to have a memorial service dedicated for your beloved pet.  This can be done by either inviting people to your home or having the service at a pet cemetery. If you choose to have it at home, make sure to set up chairs and tables for guests. You can also choose to have a reception following the memorial service.

If you need assistance in pre-planning for your pets, feel free to reach out to Deceased Pet Care, Inc. by calling us at (770) 457-7659 and we will be happy to be of service.