History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for pet families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

  • Susan .

    Susan . Staff Counselor Manager

    As our Staff Counselor Manager, Susan has a kind and compassionate heart that has enabled her to understand the needs of pet parents who have lost a beloved pet. As someone who truly enjoys helping and comforting others, Susan finds it “rewarding to know that she is assisting others during a difficult time in their lives.” Susan is pictured here with her beloved rescue, “Daisy”. “Daisy”, who was a Lab-Dalmatian-Terrier mix, was rescued from Helping Paws Rescue/Pawtropolis out of Athens, GA. According to Susan, during her first visit to meet Daisy, “she put her paw on my heart and I knew from that moment she belonged with us”. After a lifetime of love and memories, Susan’s beloved Daisy crossed over to Rainbow Bridge in 2020.

  • Gail .

    Gail . Client Receptionist

    If you have called our offices, you most likely have spoken with Gail, our Client Receptionist. Gail has been with us more than nine years and her love and compassion for animals is huge. Pictured here with her beloved “Peaches”, Gail rescued Peaches’ mama “Tabby” when she showed up on her patio “so thin you could see her bones and she was meowing for food”. A few days later, Tabby brought up her kittens Peaches and Tiger. According to Gail, “they all adopted us, and we loved it!” Unfortunately, both Tabby and Tiger have crossed over Rainbow Bridge. As much as Gail and her husband Bob miss them both, they are thankful to have Peaches still with them after 17 years. Gail and Bob enjoy volunteering with their church helping with yard sales to raise money for missions and spending time in the mountains and at the beach!

  • Lenee .

    Lenee . Staff Counselor

    Anyone who has had the privilege of speaking with Lenee, is struck by her calm voice and peaceful spirit. As a Staff Counselor with us for more than 6 years, Lenee is dedicated to serving the needs of her Pet Parents. As pet parent to “Daisy” she understands what it means to unconditionally love your fur babies. Daisy, a tortoise tabby, came to Lenee about 8 years ago. The owner of Daisy was looking to rehome her since she did not get along with her kittens. It took several months of love and patience to calm Daisy and make her feel comfortable in her new surroundings. For a few months, neither one of them slept! According to Lenee, she knows she is definitely “Daisy’s person” as Daisy does not take to new people and is now quite the guard kitty as she sits up like a rabbit and growls whenever she hears anything.

  • Laura ,

    Laura , Staff Counselor

    As a former volunteer for Zoo Atlanta and the Atlanta Humane Society, Laura’s love and understanding of our furry family members runs deep. Her compassionate heart and genuine desire to help others shines through in her care for pet parents. Pictured here with her son’s beloved pug, “Buster”, he came into the family at 7 weeks old and has quickly become the “family favorite”! Laura has been with us for more than 3 years. When she is not enjoying her sons’ many sports games, she enjoys hiking and spending time in the mountains with her family.

  • Savannah ,

    Savannah , Staff Counselor

    As the granddaughter of Doyle and Maudann Shugart, Savannah has grown up taking care of people and pet’s all her life. As a recent college graduate, Savannah knew she wanted to apply her communication skills and her love of serving others. Pictured here with her beloved “Aspen”, Savannah understands the unconditional love and deep bond we share with our furry family members. We are grateful to have Savannah’s warm and compassionate heart here with us.

  • Debbie .

    Debbie . Registered Pet Funeral Director

    Debbie is a sweet angel on earth to loving pet parents everywhere. Debbie's love for all pets is seen in the kind and compassionate way she cares for every detail of your pet's final arrangements. Debbie's own little fur babies include her sweet Yorkies, Abbie and Bear. Debbie said when she found Bear, "could not resist these little fur paws reaching out of a cage while being sold from the back of a pickup truck in the hot summer sun." She knew she had to rescue him! After losing another of her beloved Yorkies, "Robbie" to a tragic accident, she knew she wanted to help others through the loss of a beloved pet. Here Debbie feels that she is able to do just that and wants to make sure her hugs and words are helpful to the hearts of those experiencing grief.

  • Kayla .

    Kayla . Staff Counselor

    Meet our Staff Counselor, Kayla. As the granddaughter of Doyle and Maudann Shugart, Kayla has loved and cared for pets her entire life. She is an avid fur mommy to two Yorkies, Kaia (pictured here) and Molly, and one soft-coated Wheaton Terrier named Kingston. Kayla and her husband became proud parents to their first daughter in February.

  • Paul ,

    Paul ,

Bethlehem GA Pet Cremations Service
  • Bibi .

    Bibi . Resident Staff Counselor

    BiBi, our resident staff counselor, came to the Chamblee office as an 8-week old beautiful tiny tabby in Oct. 2006. Someone had dropped her off and we found her underneath the office building and coached her inside. She was shy for only a few days and is now a very loving and friendly kitty. She welcomes everyone into the office and loves a good rub down!

  • Vadar .

    Vadar . Resident Staff Counselor

    Vader, was our resident furry staff counselor, for more than 12 years. He was a beautiful shiny black male cat adopted from Peachtree Animal Hospital in January 2008 as a playmate for our sweet "BiBi". They were the best of friends! Sadly, our beloved Vadar passed away in July 2020. We miss our beloved Vadar who was always fun, always curious and playful and so very smart. He will forever be in our hearts. Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.....