The Shugart Family

Serving Families Since 1972

Pets are members of our family. We love them, care for them, and grow with them.  Our pets add joy and happiness to our lives on a daily basis making our families more complete.   When their brief lives come to an end, it is an emotional journey with difficult decisions that must be want to know that you've chosen the best for your beloved pet. Specializing in private pet cremation and pet burial, we are the Veterinarian's preferred choice in aftercare.

For more than 49 years, the Shugart Family of Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes has provided respectful, compassionate care for pets and the families that love them.  As pet parent's ourselves, we understand what it means to lose a beloved pet and we are here to help you through it.  

Our family of staff counselors stand ready to help you through the process of saying goodbye. Offering the same grace and dignity of a human funeral home, our Certified Pet Bereavement Counselors will guide you through your pet's final arrangements.  Whether you choose private cremation services, or private burial services in one of our two pet cemetery gardens, we offer a complete range of services to meet your family's needs within your budget.  

In our dedicated pet funeral home, you will also find our family, the Shugarts, who want to help you celebrate your pets’ life and contribution to your family.   As Georgia’s first and only Full Service Pet Funeral Home, we are experienced and ready to help you.  

Our devotion to people and their pets, dedication to quality, and attention to detail has earned Deceased Pet Care an outstanding reputation within the pet aftercare industry.  Under the guidance of Doyle Shugart, along with his wife and three children, Keith, Kyle, and Donna, Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes & Crematories has grown to three locations, including two pet cemeteries. In August of 2010, Doyle and his family realized a lifelong dream as they completed construction of the largest full service pet funeral home in the nation.  The completion of Doyle and Maudann's 40 year dream has brought area pet parents a level of service and comfort not experienced anywhere else in the world.  With individual counseling rooms, viewing rooms, separate chapels, and the largest selection of pet memorial products available, local pet parents now have every service they desire immediately available to them.  

Why not choose the best for your family member?    Call us today to allow our family to serve your family's final pet care needs.  

In Loving Memory of a Great Husband, Father, Grandfather, Leader and Pioneer in the Pet Aftercare Industry

Doyle L. Shugart, Founder of Deceased Pet Care Funeral Homes

June 13, 1941 - July 8, 2012