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I have used the services of this company four times over the past 12 or so years. The first time, I was surprised and pleased by how very kind and understanding they were. Now I know that is simply their way. The value of the comfort they provide to grieving pet owners cannot be underestimated.
  â€”Judi, Atlanta, GA


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Wind Dancers Muttly Crue
Age:  4, 10-13-2011 - 2-10-15
Nickname(s):  Lexi

About Wind Dancers Muttly Crue

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Other
Gender:  Female
Favorite Toy:
Favorite Treat:
Best Trick:
   sign language for "speak/bark"
Favorite Game:
   Being released when saying "alright"
Favorite Pastime:
   Property Manager on the ranch
Special Skills:
   Champion German Shorthair

Love Notes for Wind Dancers Muttly Crue:

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Tokens of Love:

To our Wind Dancers Muttly Crue:

  Lexi, You have made your mark in your short life. You first were a beloved pet, part of the family. Your love for us was unconditional for sure. You learned quickly, a sign of great intelligence. You obeyed and respected our wishes, your behavior was better than most children. Your drive to do what your breeding said you should do, was proven. You are a champion in every category. You will never be forgotten. You will always be missed. We love you, more than we even knew. There is a void deep in our hearts and we feel it in our gut. The pain is un-measurable. Thank you Kim and Ray Dohse for teaching our little girl. She loved every minute of her sport. She is our hero and a champion for life. you will be missed, but not forgotten. One week ago, a champion. Read on, breeder comments after Savannah River Championship win, February 2015... From: Keith Witt [mailto:kwitt5@att.net] > Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2015 6:57 PM > To: Peggy Kovling > Cc: Jerry Langford > Subject: Lexi > > Well young lady, has the smile worn off your face yet? > > Nothing more exciting than watching your dog put down a winning performance. > > The call of point that echoes thorough the air as the handler, judge and gallery pick up the pace as they ride in the direction of the call of point. > > Then there she stands. Head high, muscles tight and quivering with intensity as she has the birds right where she says they are. > Handler dismounts, soft word of caution to her as he moves forward, birds lift, shot fired and she stands as the birds quickly disappear. > > Now you realize that you have not taken a breath while this intense drama plays out before your eyes. You breath. > > As the handles takes her on you think to yourself, great we had a birds, we need more but not too many. > > The scene is replayed twice more in her hour. As you ride back to camp you cant help but to think, did we have enough to get a piece of this? > > The time has come to gather for the call of placements. The butterflies dancing in your stomach. > > As the RU is named the panic runs through your mind, did we, could we have won this? > > Then the call of Champion...Wind Dancer's Mutley Crew. > > The smile begins to spread and the heart beat quickens as you realize that you girl just won. > > CH. RU/CH. Wind Dancer's Mutley Crew. > > Hope to one day get to see your girl roll a cross the open county and pick up the pace as we ride to the call of point for this great dog. > > Congratulation on the win > > Keith and Tracy Witt > > > > Sent from my iPhone
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