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We cannot thank you enough. Your service was so prompt and caring. We will tell all our friends about you. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!
  —The Family of “Capone”


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: MImzy
Age:  10, 12/14/2016
Nickname(s):  Bubu, Bubu Bear, Adjacent Professor Abigail Mimzy Cruz

About MImzy

Species:  Cat
Breed:  Domestic Shorthaired
Gender:  Female
Favorite Toy:
   Hair ties
Favorite Treat:
   Temptations Treats
Best Trick:
   Dramatic falling to the ground for attentin
Favorite Game:
   Pouncing on feet under blankets
Favorite Pastime:
   Sleeping, grooming
Special Skills:
   Being the most adorable cat

Love Notes for MImzy:

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Tokens of Love:


To our MImzy:

  FOR MIMZY, WITH LOVE Now that you’re gone … I wouldn’t have to clean your litter box. I wouldn’t have to trip when you decide to hang out at the top of the stairs. I wouldn’t have to startle when you jump out of my closet where you decided to take a nap. I wouldn’t have to pay the sitter to watch you when I travel. I wouldn’t have to trim your claws in the bathtub while singing in a high pitched tune that seem to comfort you. I wouldn’t have to turn away and pretend I don’t see you using the litter box because you get embarrassed. I wouldn’t have to keep the kitchen door closed because I’m afraid you’ll go gallivanting in the garage. I wouldn’t have to fall off the edge of the bed just to give you the space that you need. I wouldn’t have to look over you when you block the TV. I wouldn’t have to explain to you every time I open the fridge that there’s nothing there for you. I wouldn’t have to hide my hair ties that you snatch up and go crazy over. I wouldn’t have to get scratches as you struggle to untangle your claws that get stuck on my clothes. I wouldn’t have to wake up at 5 am to your scratching at the bedroom door trying to get in. I wouldn’t have to take your pictures of your antics and poses. I wouldn’t have to stop and drop everything I’m doing to pet you when you collapse to the floor in a dramatic fashion, your signal for needing immediate attention. I wouldn’t have to rewrite Facebook posts that go awry when you lie down on the keyboard. I wouldn’t have to keep my toes under the blanket extremely still lest you pounce on them. I wouldn’t have to play Russian Roulette of patting your head not knowing when you’ve had enough and decide to turn against me. I wouldn’t have to vacuum constantly to get the fur that you leave in every single corner of the house. I wouldn’t have to look at your disgruntled face when you give me your cat massages looking like you’re were being forced to do it. I wouldn’t have to drive 20 miles to Buckhead to take you to the Cat Doctor. I wouldn’t have to trick and force you to take your medicine so you can breathe better. Now that you’re gone, I wouldn’t have to do any of these things ever again. But I would give everything for the chance to do it all over again. We love you, Mimzy. Thank you. - Glen and Tessa
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