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A belated thank you for cremating our dogs Taco, Jasmine, and cat Olivia over the past 10 months. Like many vets, we have acquired many animals. Many of whom became seniors at the same time. I really appreciate the services that you provide. I hope to not be using them personally for some time to come.
  —Dr. Vanessa-DVM, Sugar Hill, GA


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: ELVIS
Age:  14, feb 17 1996 - dec 11 2010
Nickname(s):  monkey, lil boy, tic toc


Species:  Dog
Breed:  Australian Cattle
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
   squeaker, jack, tiger,daddy's golf balls
Favorite Treat:
   popcorn, pizza and cheese
Best Trick:
   backflip, hand shake, speak
Favorite Game:
   find daddy, frisbee, swimming
Favorite Pastime:
   sleeping, loving on daddy and mischief
Special Skills:
   loving daddy, con treats from mama

Love Notes for ELVIS:

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My Elvis
One year ago today I lost you. I miss you so much, my life has changed so much without you. You are contantly in my dreams. Even after a year, I find myself calling for you or looking for you when I come home. Your spirit is with me always, and I pray every night for God to hug you like I used to. You were one of a kind and life is empty without you, but one day I will see my little boy again. I love you so much, My little Elvis! I miss your loyalty and your love. Love Daddy
Love you Forever, Daddy
The Best Dog and Friend in the world
It's been a week since you left us and I miss you terribly. Now I know how you used to feel when daddy had to leave you. This is the longest we have ever been apart, I just can't get used to you not being here. I always said you were the best dog in the world and it is so true. You were truly my best friend. You are still the King of Dog and Roll!!! I love you and miss you! (wait for me I will see you again one day)
all my love, Daddy
Hey Elvis, sorry I never got to meet you but I know from your Mama what a wonderful friend you were to her and your Daddy! I know they miss you VERY much but are Happy that you are no longer in pain. I Believe you are in Heaven now because the unconditional love you gave while you were here is so much like what He gives us, where else would He want you other than at His side.
Please say hello to Bullet for me and tell him I miss him,still. Ed
I am so thankful to our Lord for this awesome dog. What a picture of God's unconditional love for us. I am grateful for you loving my Keith so much and taking such good care of him for so long. I miss the tic-toc of your little paws up and down the hall and your "super puppy" eyes when you were poised for treats. We will always remember and love you!
love, Mama
Pets are such an amazing blessing in our lives! Soon the pain you are feeling will fade away, and you will be thankful for the amazing years you had with Elvis! How blessed he was to have you as a daddy! I'm certain that he and Sanibel are running together in heaven no longer in pain, and hogging all of the cookies! I'm so glad for the time I knew him. He was a special boy!
Love, Jennifer, Lydia and Sidney
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Tokens of Love:

Tennis Ball

To our ELVIS:

  ELVIS Feb. 17, 1996-Dec. 11, 2010 I can’t tell you how much I miss you and love you. If there was a way, I would bring you back in a second. You always loved your daddy no matter what, for that I loved you all the more. I keep looking for you and listening for you, but you’re not there. Then again, you are. There are so many reminders of you in the house, Your hair, your toys, your smell on those toys. I sit and sniff the toys just to try and bring you back. If I hear a click in the hall, I look for you to be standing behind me. When I sit in my chair I keep waiting for you to come jump over the arm and love on me. I look at your truck outside and imagine us taking a ride again. My boy was always happy which made daddy happy. When we came home yesterday from taking you away. I forgot for a moment you were gone, As I was coming thru the door, I was looking forward to your greeting, the one you always gave daddy, the one like I had been gone 100 years. But you weren’t there and it just killed me. I can’t sleep because you’re not in the bed with me anymore. You always loved sleeping with your daddy,ever since you were a little puppy. You gave me so much comfort at night, Not just with your protection but mainly with your love and loyalty. Oh how I miss being waken up at 2 am just because you decided it was time to play. I feel like I did you so wrong, But I couldn’t stand to see you suffer anymore. I keep going back thru my mind, is there something I could have done to keep you from getting so sick. Maybe I should have carried you to the doctor more. I don’t know. But it’s so empty without you here with us. Daddy and Mama love you so much and we really really miss you. You brought so much joy to us. I pray you will never forget me and mama, I can’t wait till the day I walk into heaven, cause I know I will get that long awaited greeting I long for. ( try not to tear up too much of God’s stuff in heaven) YOU will always be on my mind and in my heart. Thank you so much for all the great years you were with me, I wouldn’t trade one second for it any other way. You gave daddy so much happiness. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!! Daddy
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