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Dear Bliss, Thank you so much for being so kind and gentle with my Saphne; and thank you for placing her so gentle with her pink blanket for the last time. Sincerely grateful
  —Wanda Archer


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Tanner
Age:  7, 31/12/2005 - 04/13/2012

About Tanner

Species:  Dog
Breed:  German Shepherd
Gender:  Male
Favorite Toy:
   Squeaky toys
Favorite Treat:
   homemade cookies
Best Trick:
Favorite Game:
   Fetching his toys
Favorite Pastime:
   Going for a walk and taking a nap
Special Skills:
   Guard dog

Love Notes for Tanner:

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Tokens of Love:

To our Tanner:

  When our dog Apollo died in November 2007, we were heartbroken. The day we took him to the crematory was one of the most painful days of our lives. Five months after Apollo’s death, my son sent us a picture of a young German Shepherd. He was in a shelter and needed a home soon, as he was at risk to be put to sleep. I wasn’t sure I was ready to have another dog, much less another German Shepherd, but I realized it was the right thing do to. I spoke with my husband and he agreed that we should give Tanner a home. He was a little over two years old when we got him. Tanner was 92 Lbs., beautiful and very friendly. Soon after we got him, we found out he had epilepsy, a condition that required constant medication. A year later, an X-ray showed that Tanner also had hip dysplasia. A surgery would be too expensive and there was no guarantee that it would be successful. At the same time, while the epilepsy was under control, he developed a problem called Pancreatic Enzyme Disorder. Last year, he began having seizures again and another medication was introduced in addition to the one he had been taking since he was diagnosed with epilepsy. For the past four years we did the best we could to give Tanner a good and happy life. In 2011 he made it to “DogFancy” calendar. He was featured on September 23. We were very proud of him. It was with sadness that we noticed that as Tanner got older, his condition worsened. Some of his medications had side effects that contributed to the decline of his health. In addition to the hip dysplasia Tanner also developed a neurologic problem very similar to what Apollo had. He would stand with his back legs very close together and often lost his balance. He began having trouble to walk and getting up. The pain medication did very little for him. Going outside to pee and poop became a struggle as he dragged his hind legs and would fall on the ground helpless. He would stay there, panting for a few minutes before trying to get up again. Sometimes I helped him, but because he was weighting almost 120 Lbs., it was not easy to get him up. It was so hard to watch him going through this ordeal every day. Because we loved him so much, we had to make the same hard decision we made five years ago with our beloved Apollo. We knew it was time to let Tanner go. It would be selfish to keep him alive in his condition. Tanner left this world too soon, but while he lived with us, he gave us his love and companionship. He was an angel that came to us in a form of a dog and we are thankful for the time we had him in our lives. We will miss Tanner deeply, but he will be forever in our hearts.
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