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A belated thank you for cremating our dogs Taco, Jasmine, and cat Olivia over the past 10 months. Like many vets, we have acquired many animals. Many of whom became seniors at the same time. I really appreciate the services that you provide. I hope to not be using them personally for some time to come.
  —Dr. Vanessa-DVM, Sugar Hill, GA


Doyle L. Shugart

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Memorial for: Taffy
Age:  17, 1996 - 08/18/2013
Nickname(s):  Taf, Taffyrenne, Sweet Puppy, Taffy Runnie O's, Baby Girl, Sister

About Taffy

Species:  Dog
Breed:  Lhasa Apso
Gender:  Female
Favorite Toy:
   Pink Pig
Favorite Treat:
   Any Dog Treat/green beans, sweet potatoes, beef, chicken
Best Trick:
   Guarding cat from entering or leaving a room
Favorite Game:
   Chasing Squirrels
Favorite Pastime:
   Being near family, playing with pink pig, laying in the sun
Special Skills:
   Loving her family and a good judge of character in people.

Love Notes for Taffy:

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Tokens of Love:


To our Taffy:

  Taffy was a rescue dog that joined our family when she was 2 years old. The moment she walked through our door she took over the house and our hearts. We got her to keep our cat, her "sister" company. They were always together in the same room, enjoyed playing with each other in their youth. In old age, they just enjoyed being together. Taffy was always jealous of her sister and wanted to make sure she did not miss out on any attention her sister received. She was a good judge of character and if a stranger entered that she did not like she would bark non stop at that person. Taffy was very sweet, loved to be with her family, was the best companion who went with us most every where we went from running errands to road trips. Her last trip was to Highlands, NC and everyone in town wanted to pet her and comment on her. She loved laying out in the yard and sunnning herself, rolling on her back in the grass and enjoyed life. She was the center of attention when we had guests and was a great hostess. I work from home and she stayed in my office with me and we were never apart during the day, every where I went she went. I will miss how cute she was sleeping in her bed in my office and how content she would look. I will miss her walking with me to get the paper and the mail our ritual. Taffy lived a full life and was loved by many differnt people. She changed my life for the better and loved unconditionally, was loyal and protective. I will miss her sitting in my lap, her snoring when she slept, her going after the cat, her little prance when she walked and how beautiful she looked after being groomed and she also knew how beautiful she looked and would prance around to show off. She had beautiful black eyes that when she looked at you, you just melted. In her senior years especially this last year she suffered from congestive heart failure but was a trooper in taking her meds and enjoying life the best she could. I had a habit of talking to her about any and everything thing and swore she understood what I said to her. Sometime she would cock her head to side as she listened. I will miss her waking up from a nap and gently touching my ankle with her nose for me to let her out. I will always remember her nose kisses and her butting your hand to pet her. Her Saturday morning scrambled egg when she was younger. Everyone that met het never forgot her and would often ask about Taffy. I have friends that I met because of Taffy. She drew people to her where ever we went. She was very trusting of people and loved going to the Chiropractor for her adjustments that made her feel so good. As a younger dog, she would run up the driveway to meet the car and I would stop put her in my lap and we would drive together down the driveway. She and her "sister" always met us at the door upon arriving home even if it was for 5 minutes. I remember working out and when I would lay on the floor for an exercise she and her sister would immediately come over to me to be loved on and I would get loved on in return and there went the exercise! Nothing was better than getting on the floor with her and loving on her, playing with her and being close to her. In the past year, I sometime slept on the sofa at night to keep her company and as long as I stayed with her she slept through the night. She always laid facing the door no matter what room she was in, as watching out for her family and protecting them. Old age, medical problems, hip dysplasia and a recently torn lignament slowed her down and she required some assistance at times to help her go outside, giving her meds twice a day,treating skin issues due to low immune system, pee pads in the house, massages with an infrared light to help her muscles, special diet were all worth it to me and she deserved all the care and attention she received and I would do it all again. It was an honor to be Taffy's mommy and to care for her as she gave so much in her life to me, her family and her friends. She was tough, live a very good life and she fought for her life until the very end until her heart could not take it any more. Goodbye Sweet Girl, we love you very much and we will never forget our beautiful Taffy. Love, Mom, Blake, Bill and Dixie (sister)
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